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Welcome to Educational Centre "Experiment"!
This is the special WORLD, where every one of You will find something interesting:

DancePupilsfriends, information: 

  • about our interests, plans, studies,
  • about new educational possibilities,
  • competitions, olympiads,
  • offerings to take part in the different creative activities

Parents —  information: 

  • about one of the most effective modern educational systems, which have growing interest in the whole world: System of developing education of Elkonin – Davidov,
  • about possibilities for their children to incorporate in the specific educational environment, specially created for development of child’s thinking (theoretical and creative), formation of the pupil as the subject of learning (pupil - «teaching himself»), child’s becoming the free and responsible personality.

KolazhPedagogues — 

  • information about new pedagogical (educational) technologies,
  • views to new content of education,
  • materials about organisation of the pedagogues work (including different forms of the working with pupils),
  • information about the content and organisation of the raising of the qualification of pedagogues in the Centre.

Educational specialists — 

  • information about effectiveness of new approaches to education (it’s content and technology) on different stages,
  • descriptions of several educational forms and technologies.

We, pedagogues, pupils and parents of the "Experiment" hope very much TO MEET YOU! We trust that as the result will appear the common thought, co-operation and common creation in the educational process…

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